Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gallery On Greene Artist - Abel Barroso

The Gallery On Greene's artist, Abel Barroso, is the featured artist for this months ART & ANTIQUES Magazine.  Currently housed in the Whitney and MOMA Museums, Abel was formally trained in Havana Cuba in printmaking and sculpture, with themes pertaining to both materialism and wealth; a biting look at contemporary Cuban life.  Using meticulous craftsmenship, he creates works that often invite the viewer to participate.  A hand crank simulating modern mechanisation, leading the audience to ... El Dorado (The Promised Land).  Though shown and collected internationally, Abel is teethered to his Cuban homeland.  How will he get to see the magazine that he is featured on?  Well, Nance Frank, gallery owner, is taking him copies on Friday due to a pre-planned art trip.    Stay tuned for updates ! ! !

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Andy Thurber - Key West Folk Artist

 Raised in Key West, Andy Thurber tells the story of his up bringing.  He paints and carves the color and characters of Cayo Hueso.  With Mario Sanchez as one of his mentors, he carries on a tradition of preserving the quaint, humorous and sometimes gritty tale of days gone by.  People love Key West - they don't always know why, Andy paints a window for us to glimpse the past; he makes it so that we can reach out and touch it.  Andy Thurber - our current day Mark Twain.             The pictured piece tells of the fisherman, net maker and notorious Popeye. A barefooted, corncob pipe smoking 'Conch' pron to drinking and fighting; turned God Fearing and ended a mild mannered philanthropist.               These are the stories of Key West; the foundation of a diverse and thriving island culture.            Andy's work can be seen upstairs at The Gallery On Greene, on the galleries web site:  or  on Andy's site: