Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BARELY DRY... and Flying Off the Walls!

Evidently, a stunnning painting from Jon McIntosh arrived in the gallery and sold before my eyes even laid upon it!  But in addition to his two recently hung paintings, Jon also brought us a gorgeous work of Western Union at dry dock. Come and snatch this one before someone else does!

Western Union in the Ways, 14" x 18"

Friday, August 6, 2010

MARIO SANCHEZ: A New Print, 'Recuerdos del Pasado'

Recuerdos del Pasado, Giclee on Paper, 16.5” x 21.5”

Mario Sanchez’s Recuerdos del Pasado (Memories of the Past) portrays Alfredo Diaz’s bodega and sandwich shop on the corner of Simonton and Virginia St. with the former Convent towering above on the extreme left. The great, great granddaughter still lives upstairs today as they have for generations. There was a gate to St. Mary's back then and you can see it behind the nun who is holding Lydia's hand. Crawfish Jack is pushing his crawfish and conch pushcart. The intaglio depicts a chicken and her three chicks in the middle of Virginia St. along with Royal Poinsiannas, a Spanish Almond and coconut tree, and two clouds. This was a gift to Alfredo Diaz.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

BARELY DRY – New Works from Jon McIntosh!

Diver Down ~ Summer, 28 x 22

From the Bow, 22" x 28"

A long accomplished realist painter, Jon McIntosh’s enchantment with the waters of The Florida Keys is evident his two new paintings just hung at The Gallery on Greene. From the Bow and Diver Down ~ Summer are easy to fall in love with. The gently undulating blue water and open sky in Diver Down ~Summer pull us into the painting where a solitary boat rests peacefully at anchor while his skipper is diving unseen below the surface. From the Bow brings into perspective and contrast the dappled sunlight on the water with the closely observed lines and forms of the boat’s bow. Both works are stunning examples of the deeply introspective nature of Jon’s paintings. Come see these gems in the Gallery as the real thing far surpasses a jpeg!

Monday, August 2, 2010

BARELY DRY: 'Winter Wind' and 'At the Dock'

      At the Dock, 28" x 22"

Winter Wind, 22" x 28"

Peter Vey’s approach, technique, themes and artistic practices echo the ambience in our Southernmost city. His two new works, Winter Wind and At the Dock, reveal just that. His detailed, textural, colorful palette knife strokes, which make his work so distinctive, result in paintings that are “a lot more like a state of the mind”, as one collector related. They are each moments in time. And yet, timeless. These new works are now hanging in the Gallery, so stop by and take a look!